Hitman is a puzzle game where you have to shoot people when you mess up. Seems a little bit odd that they put it in an FPS engine just to handle the failure mode, instead of just letting you press "undo".

Hitman: Block Money fixes this oversight.

If you haven't played Hitman: Blood Money, the gimmicks from the levels I'm imitating may not be obvious. In Coordinates Down, the death scene being practiced means that certain things are not suspicious that otherwise would be. In Flat Line, you can kill all three possible targets, or meet with the person in the medical ward, who can help narrow it down (but if you're wearing patient's robes, you can't leave the grounds.)

There are fifteen different ratings you can get at the end of a level, depending on how many extra people Agent 47 murders, and on how stressed-out everyone is about it.

Thanks to the good people of the Puzzlescript mailing list for helping playtest this!

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but but... where is Hitman Silent block?!

I really enjoyed both the puzzles and the humor! Thanks!

best hitman game ever


best game i have ever played on itch